Contacting Us 

Please remember that the phone number provided is a business phone, so it is not always checked after hours. If you do happen to call after hours, please call again during regular hours.  Please allow 48 hours (possibly longer during peak times of the week) for a return call or reply to FB, or Instagram message, or email, as we get many per day.  If you need immediate assistance during normal hours, call us.  If you do not get an answer then, we are likely on the other line or with a client, so feel free to call back in a few minutes. Due to a very high volume of inquiries, please don’t leave a voicemail.  We simply are not able to return all of them while also assisting clients during normal hours.  Thanks for your understanding!



We accept Cash, Debit, and Credit.  NO CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. 


Our custom order books usually fill up 1-2 weeks in advance.  We understand that things happen and sometimes you desperately need a last-minute custom cake.  We may, at our sole discretion, be able to get you worked into the schedule.  This oftentimes requires someone to stay over or come in early to handle the increased workload.  Therefore, we will require a $50 rush fee for custom orders booked with less than 4 days” notice, should someone need to work after hours to complete it. 
Hours & Pick-Up Times

Our hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Customers can do cake pickup on Saturday by appointment only.  We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

We may ask for an approximate pickup time.  This allows us to plan our strict schedule of the order in which to complete our cake orders each day.  If you need to pick up much earlier than you planned, please contact us right away so we can make sure to have your order completed in time.

 Please make sure to pick your cake up PRIOR to our closing time. We do understand that emergencies arise, and are willing to accommodate those times, as much as possible. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of staff for an after-hours pick-up. Further, this will only be available if we are contacted prior to closing! Please understand that in most cases we do NOT keep items stored several days, and do not keep anything overnight Friday, since we are closed until Tuesday, so we will resell or donate items left after closing unless prior arrangements have been made. In some prearranged situations, we may freeze your cake or cupcakes for you so they stay fresh until you can pick up the following week. After-hours arrangements will result in a minimum $50.00 service fee, due prior to after-hours pick up. It is YOUR responsibility, not ours, to make this contact and any necessary arrangements.

Refund Policy

We take a lot of pride in all our products. All sales are final, with the exception of custom orders canceled with sufficient notice (discussed above).  In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your order, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can fix any errors, and return the uneaten portion within 24 hours. Partial or full refunds are decided on a case-by-case basis, but please note that we do not provide refunds in cases where an item was prepared correctly but a flavor or texture did not meet a personal preference.

We only give refunds in accordance with the refund policies stated below.

·    Due to the tedious, handcrafted nature of our products, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges for most custom orders

·    Once you or a designated party has picked up an order and left the premise, it is considered "accepted" – we will ask to make sure that everything is correct such as the design, spelling, etc. Refunds requested due to decorating style, writing, color shade, or general design will not be honored after leaving with your cake. In some instances you may bring the cake back in for design adjustments but this is an additional charge if the cake has been signed for.

·    All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our shop. We are not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time thereafter. Keep in mind that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly – such as cracks, smudges, melted frosting, etc. We only give refunds in accordance with refund policies stated below.

·    Cake flavor and texture is subjective. Full refunds requested due to flavor or texture after the cake has been accepted and picked up will not be honored. You may qualify for a percentage of a store credit if the product is brought back and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined to not meet our standards. Cakes must be brought back to us within a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours of pick up - please call or email us promptly to let us know of the issue. Quality determination is solely at the discretion of Imagicakes Cake Designers. Please understand that we cannot issue refunds for cakes that have already been completely eaten. *Store credit percentages are based on how quickly the cake is returned, how much has been consumed, and what we determine the quality to be. Store credits of any kind will not be issued to customers who do not contact us within 24 hours. 

·    Any orders that are not picked up will NOT be refunded.

The following scenario is the only instance when we will provide a refund:

·     If you come to our store for pick up or if upon delivery the cake does not meet your expectations, we will give you a refund (minus 25% handling/cancellation fee). For weddings, if you are not present for the delivery we must be notified within 6 hours after the delivery is made. This refund will be given as a store credit (no cash/money refunds will be given) NOTE: If we give you a refund, you CANNOT keep the cake. You can only get the refund if you refuse to “accept” the cake. We will NOT negotiate a partial refund if you keep the cake. This is a “take it, or leave it” policy. We are not responsible for any expense you may incur for replacing our cake.

***We do not give refunds under any other circumstances. Refunds are only given within 7 days.
****We are not photocopiers, meaning if a customer provides a photo design to be replicated by us, the cake will be matched to the best of our abilities.  We do not guarantee exact copies of custom cakes. not originally designed by us.  You will receive our version of the cake.  


In the event you fail to pick up your order, the same rules apply:  It is YOUR responsibility, not ours, that you make arrangements to pick up during normal business hours.  These hours are posted on several pages of our website, on Google and other search engines, on our Facebook and Instagram pages, the bakery doors.   They are also provided to you in the auto-replies to inquiries and messages on our social media pages.  There will be NO REFUND made for any orders that were not picked up!!  Further, we reserve the right to resell the items or donate them to the charity of our choice.  In cases in which a deposit was the only payment received, we will likely resell the items.  In an effort to give back to our community, ALL orders in which we received at least half of the total cost in advance, will be donated to a charity or shelter. In some cases, when already paid for, we may store your cake in our freezer until the following business day, prior to donating, to allow you to pick up and enjoy - if space allows.  

Client Responsibility/Transport

 *PLEASE NOTE: All of our cakes and cupcakes are stored in a cooler at the bakery.  They will be cold when you pick them up, as this allows for better and safer transport.  We recommend you also store them in your refrigerator until about 2-3 hours prior to serving.*

All products are the client’s responsibility upon leaving the bakery, unless it is being delivered by us.

Keep in mind that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly – such as cracks, smudges, melted frosting, etc.


Please drive carefully, keep cake lying flat in car, and keep in a cool climate

Philadelphia summers get extremely humid and hot; both being very hard on cake and icing. We keep all orders refrigerated, and recommend that clients do the same, especially during hot summer months. This will keep the cake cool, and makes it much easier to transport without damage. Sitting it out at room temperature for 30 minutes will soften the icing back up.

DO NOT leave cake sitting outside for any length of time, even for a party. It will melt, and can melt in less than 20 minutes in higher temperatures.

DO NOT PLACE YOUR CAKE IN THE CAR SEAT! It is NOT level or flat! Doing so will cause the cake to slide and be damaged.

Do NOT leave your cake in the car while running into the store for balloons or other items, even if it is only 50 degrees outside! If the sun is out, the interior of your car is likely much warmer than that, and the cake will melt!

Do NOT place your cake on the counter near your stove, and then use the stove to cook food! Although keeping many types of cakes at room temperature is perfectly okay, the heat and/or moisture from the stove will cause the "room" temperature to rise and the cake/frosting to melt and fall apart!

Do NOT place in a "sun-lit" area. Even when left on a table, or counter, in a climate-cooled room. If sitting in direct sunlight from a window, a cake will get too warm and melt over time.


If you are not sure of the proper transport and care of the cake, please ask!


Damaged Cake Repairs

If you bring a cake back to us, we may be able to repair it; but you may incur a minimum $50 repair charge. Depending on the extent of the damage, the original cake may not be suitable for repairs and may need to be replaced. In such instances, additional charges may apply. After-hours repairs are at the SOLE discretion of the owner.  Please call me and take pictures to send to me of the damage, so I can ascertain whether or not I will be able to repair it for you.


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